Corporate Governance

Our Approach to Corporate Governance


Old Republic Insured Automotive Services, Inc. is committed to conducting its business in compliance with applicable laws and regulations and in accordance with high standards of business conduct. In managing its business, the Company is mindful of the public trust with which it is vested. The Company strives to maintain high standards of accuracy, completeness and disclosure in its financial dealings, records and reports. These standards are intended to protect and serve the multiple interests of policyholders and the beneficiaries of their insurance policies, as well as those of the Company's employees, Parent Company and other stakeholders.  Our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics addresses a wide range of business practices, including a commitment to legal compliance; avoidance of conflicts of interest; confidentiality as prescribed by law; and fair dealing with all of our constituents.  To these ends, Old Republic Insured Automotive Services, Inc. adheres to the Code of Conduct and Ethics adopted by all members of the Old Republic International Corporation family of companies, which can be found at